About Us

About Us

Growing up on a cattle ranch, Tom's passion for BBQ started early with his family piling into the ol' pickup truck, and heading into town for a night out at the local BBQ joint. After leaving the ranch and searching for his own path in life, that path brought him to Eaton, Ohio. In his travels he would keep his eyes open for a joint to remind him of home.

He came to realize that there were no BBQ restaurants to be found. Because there wasn't a BBQ place he could go to, Tom started with a mobile unit and called it “The Q Shack.” He would get up before the sun would, and get the fire going. You know you gotta cook this stuff about 12 hours, and sometimes longer. Nevertheless, his love for BBQ and wanting to make his own way in life outweighed the long hours.

In 2005, after a year and a half with The Q Shack, he felt it was time to take the next step and open a place were he could hang his shingle. Tom's wife, Wendy, has graciously served the business by orchestrating the catering side of things for Baumbach's. Whether your business is feeding thousands for corporate events or making certain that the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner is one of your most cherished memories, she will insist that each one is fed with impeccability.

The Baumbach family would like to take this opportunity and say thank you for saddling up and riding with the brand of Baumbach's Pit BBQ!!!

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Tom Baumbach, Wendy Baumbach, Sally Struthers from the TV Show All in the family